More Art!

December 8th, 2008 by Karen

So last night I was surprised by my friend Kai with more gift art, this time of my character Lydia Chapman. It’s a quick rough sketch, but it looks awesome!

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My very first piece of art…

December 5th, 2008 by Karen

I have art in my home…my very favorite piece is a painting my husband picked up for me at an auction that is a 4×3′ oil on canvas of a lavender field that reminds me of the lovely trip to France I took my senior year at college. I have framed a couple touching things from the kids and a water color that I did.

I’ve never had art like this.

In yesterday’s mail, I got a fabulous present from my friend, Bayani. It’s my main heroine from City of Heroes (the MMO I play)drawn by the very talented Dave Hamann and colored by┬áBrad Mrock.

It’s spectacular. I’m simply floored that someone could take a couple of screen shots and a brief description of her personality and suddenly she’s staring back at me from the paper, just like I alway imagined her to look.

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