2009 Goals

January 2nd, 2009 by Karen

Alright…I’ve never been one for “resolutions”. I’ve always thought they were stupid and lasted no more than a week at best, so I’ve never really participated in the hype.

This year, I really do have some things I’d like to get done and some things I’d like to change to be a better person, better mom and better mate. I figured I better get them written somewhere or I’d never do them.

Weight – this has plagued me since my first pregnancy. Just never quite got it off. Now I’m nearly 32 and I hate the way I look. And yes, that’s the right verb. Self loathing is no way to spend my life, so it’s time to stop dinking around and suck it up.
Goal: 15 lbs by my birthday, 45 lbs by June, 75 lbs by Christmas.

Finances – these are significantly improved over 2007, but still need a lot of work. I’ve been doing well with light budgeting and paring down what we don’t need, but I could do better with more significant meal planning, which would also help with my weight goals. I also want to pay off some of our credit cards and my final student loan this year.
Goal: pay off 2 cards by March, 6 by December, clear student loans

Clutter – Good lord is this place a mess. We’ve just been so focused on keeping our heads above water that the accumulation of crap is phenomenal. Amazing how little things seem to pile up…in my desk pen cup alone I must have 20 pens from various tradeshows and I know I have a bunch more in the office closet. Why? I certainly don’t need them! This house has ten rooms (if you include the bathrooms), six closets and the garage. It’s time to purge.
Goal: 30 min of cleaning each day (inc laundry and dishes), one major room and closet purge each month, garage sale and donation of first pile of stuff by March 31.

Kids – No, not a another one (sigh…still a no). My kids are amazing…incredibly smart and talented. There’s so much I want them to be able to do in life. I want to give them the same gift my mom gave me…faith in themselves to do nearly anything they want and the ability to work with their hands. I want them to be able to cook and bake, sew and garden, make music and give them license to be completely free and creative and not put into a little box that a school bubble test wants them to be in.
Goal: have them help with plan and prep of at least one meal each week, even if it’s just mac and cheese, teach Miss M beginning embroidery and some simple stitching, plan and plant our garden earlier this year, spend more time with Miss M and her guitar, get Master A into piano lessons, and Miss S into ballet.

Marriage – In the handmade box from my grandfather beside my bed is a stack of old love letters from 1995 with a list of things we always wanted to do…things we’ve always planned…little things like watching the sunset on the beach, ice skating, taking dance lessons. Things we’ve never done. Listening to my grandma’s regrets this Christmas now that my grandpa is gone was heartbreaking. I don’t want to look back at all the things we missed out on because we were too busy working and worrying.
Goal: find a way to get out more often by ourselves, go to a couple of concerts if it’s in the budget

Creativity – For several years, I have ignored the tiny scritching at the door in the back of my mind and the longer I have ignored it, the angrier I have become. I used to do so many things that made me happy, fulfilled me. For a long time now, I have not done many of the things that made my heart sing with gladness. I don’t paint, write poetry, play my flute, sew, hand embroider, or dance hardly at all anymore. I don’t play field hockey or lacrosse or ice skate. I bake occassionally, but not like I used to. I read, but in scattered bursts. I recently began writing again, mostly fiction, and a few poems I’ve scribed on my heart, but not on paper. I’ve found my smile. I want to keep it.
Goal: take at least an hour each week to simply be Karen. Not Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. Just Karen.

I think this is an acceptable goal list for the year…time to kick it into gear!

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