Is it Summer Yet?

April 27th, 2015 by Karen

The sheer amount of stress and physical exhaustion from the past couple of days has about done me in.

I did a ton of volunteer work the past couple of days. Not required work, but just what needed. It was exhausting, but incredibly rewarding for me personally.

It was also a huge, welcome distraction from the crap going on in my life.

Stuff that’s wrong:

  • I’ve had a family member stuck in Nepal after the devastating earthquake.
  • A huge project is due at the end of the week for the middle kiddo and he still needs to finish it up.
  • The jerks at the Modern Language Association decided apparently to change their standards sometime in the past couple of years and only now did I find out about it (despite approximately 12 research papers by my kids, turned in with ‘antiquated’ formatting on their bibliographies and NO feedback from ANY of their teachers). Sorry, but standards should be standards and not something you waffle about and then add italics to down the road.
  • Inconsistent use of a required system at the school for homework assignments. (Sorry, but my kids aren’t the only ones who can’t remember your instructions. Put it in writing.)
  • Failure by one teacher to use said system AT ALL. My 92 year old grandpa uses Facebook. Your ‘too old to figure it out’ excuse is invalid.
  • Both kids having to repeatedly re-do assignments because they failed to follow the unclear, unwritten instructions.
  • The youngest kiddo’s complete and total inability to TURN IN COMPLETED HOMEWORK ON TIME.
  • One of our fences is falling over and it’s the one with the crazy scary German Shepard.
  • Both kids aren’t seeing much playing time in baseball/softball, which in the case of the youngest, severely impacts her ability to pay attention.
  • The oven broiler element fried itself and melted.
  • I have a migraine.
  • Everybody sucks.

Stuff that’s right:

Yep. That’s what I can come up with at the moment.

I’ve found myself increasingly agitated this month and angry. I feel like Bruce Banner. I’m always angry. I just want to be left alone and do my work and have things run smoothly. Instead, I feel like we’re hitting every bump in the road and I’m being poked with a sharp stick nonstop.

Poking a bear doesn’t end well for anyone. Just stop.

Summer just can’t come soon enough.

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